High-Productivity Meeting Agenda Template (Notion)

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Run your meeting like a boss. Keep track of critical projects. Help your team focus and work on what will move the needle.

Most meetings are a waste of time. People are not disciplined, spend too much time on unimportant agenda items, and forget to address the key projects and issues.

With our High-Productivity Meeting Agenda Template, you’ll never have to ask your team ever again: “Do we have anything on the agenda for our upcoming meeting” ever again! And you’ll never feel like you wasted time in another unprepared or unstructured meeting.

Instead, you'll be able to:

  • Build a data-driven culture
  • Get space to celebrate successes
  • Keep track of the important, not only the urgent

What's included:

✅ Walkthrough tutorial

✅ Weekly sync page template that can be created automatically

✅ Six essential sections to run an effective meeting

✅ Use the priority section to make sure the team will work on what will move the needle

✅ Easily monitor your company's scorecard and critical projects

✅ Examples of agenda to help you get started quickly

Template Plus:

Make your meetings even better by connecting your weekly meetings, key projects, and tasks. You get everything in "Template" plus the following:

✅ Get a fully integrated Project database, including a timeline view and dependencies

✅ Get a fully integrated Tasks database linked to your projects

Consultation :

Everything in "Template Plus" plus the following:

✅ Get on a 30-minute Call to get help on your growth challenges

✅ Get an action-oriented Growth Plan within 48 hours of our call (including a 10-min teardown video of one of your initiatives)


How do I download this template?

Open the template link and hit "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace.

What if I have questions?

No worries. Just send us a message, and we'll help you out.

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A high-productivity meeting agenda template to help you run effective meetings, celebrate successes, keep track of critical projects, and focus your team on what moves the needle.

Walkthrough tutorial
Weekly sync page template that can be created automatically
Six essential sections to run an effective meeting
Top priority section to keep the team focused
Easily monitor your scorecard and key projects
Examples of agenda to help you get started quickly
Full Project Database
Plus Only
Full Tasks Database integrated
Plus Only
Growth Strategy Call
Consultation Only
Growth Plan
Consultation Only

High-Productivity Meeting Agenda Template (Notion)

0 ratings
I want this!