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Effective Strategy & OKRs Notion Template

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The missing piece that ambitious teams use to turn strategy into real results

Your team is brilliant, your goals are clear, but somehow strategies aren't fully understood. OKRs turned into an annoying or bureaucratic task that creates more confusion than clarity.

We have the solution: Our OKRs & Strategy Notion Template.

Over the past 15 years, we've tried all possible strategy frameworks and variations of OKRs. They all lack a critical element: connecting strategy, OKRs, and daily work!

Who is this Notion template for?

We developed this template for executives, managers, startup teams, or anyone who wants a strategy and OKRs that work. If you’ve found yourself stuck in the chaos of aligning your organization around key objectives or trying to effectively communicate strategy and link everyday projects with your strategy — then this is for you.

Few issues impact strategic execution and growth as much as misalignment does. And guess what? It's entirely avoidable.

What will our OKRs & Strategy Notion template do for you?

Our template connects critical business components unlike anything else:

  • The challenges you're facing now: Where you are, your challenges, your company stage.
  • How you'll overcome your challenges: Your strategy is how you get there, expressed in a few simple sentences so that everybody understands.
  • Objectives and Key Results: OKRs provide specificity to your goals and how you will measure your progress.
  • Roadmap: This is the missing link in most OKR templates and approaches. You need clear projects that your team will work on day in, day out to achieve your OKRs.

BONUS!!! You get 4 full examples of Strategy and OKRs for 4 types of businesses: 1) SaaS Startup, 2) Freelance UI/UX Designer, 3) Social Media Agency, 4) Series C B2C Tech Startup (language learning app)

Our template is based on Andy Grove's OKR model and Richard Rumelt's kernel of good strategy used by top companies like Amazon, Google, Slack, and Spotify.

What is included?

✅ Walkthrough tutorial

✅ Diagnosis & Strategy section to lay out your challenges and winning strategy.

✅ OKRs section where you can set clear, measurable objectives and key results.

✅ Clear key results ownership and easy progress tracking

✅ Roadmap with full projects, tasks, and sprints functionalities

✅ Real examples of Strategy and OKRs for 4 different types of business


How do I download this template?

Open the template link and hit "Duplicate" on the top right corner to duplicate it to your workspace.

What if I have questions?

No worries. Just send us a message, and we'll help you out.

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Who is Stun and Awe?

Stun and Awe is a Growth and Product Design company whose mission is to transform businesses into designers of positive change. We offer learning experiences with online courses and coaching, do-for-you growth services, and a community of people who care and share about building growth systems and user-centric products and creating sustainable businesses.

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Stop wasting time and efforts with unaligned people. Give your team crystal clear strategy, OKRs, and projects without building a bureaucratic mess.

Walkthrough tutorial
Diagnosis & Strategy sections
Easy-to-use OKR template
Clear Ownership & easy progress tracking
Roadmap with full projects, tasks, and sprints functionalities
Real examples of Strategies & OKRs for 4 different types of business
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Effective Strategy & OKRs Notion Template

0 ratings
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